Why do guys always want to have sex in the very beginning and it makes me hard to continue the friendship?

I found guys that I dated always want to have sex with me on the second date. I’m not conservative about sex but after we have sex, I found hard to continue talking to this guy without any anticipation. I keep thinking if he likes me if he’s serious to me or all those nice things he said to me is just to have sex with me again?

Then I stop being funny and hide the real me. Even though i don’t know how i really feel about this guy, i still want him to like me, because if he doesn’t fall in love with me, i feel so used and not cherished.

For this recent date, even though i tried to avoid having sex on the early stage, so I told him Im not looking for sex. he still brings me to hotel, and it’s my fault for not stopping him. And after we have sex, I started to care about how often he texts me and if he cares about me... which ruined our relationship.

I just want to find a guy who takes me serious.

How do you think?


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  • There is no friendship between men and women. We want to bone you. You serve no other purpose in our lives. And with the way women have become whores in the last 20 or 30 years, we expect to drain a lizard as soon as possible. I won't go on a second date with a woman if she doesn't put out on the first.


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  • Don't have sex with them duh


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