She cancelled on me today. did what I say seem okay?

She cancelled.

She send me a text before 1 pm saying “I'm really sorry I've just been sick, like projectile vomiting :( I thought I would be fine by now but I'm really not so if I came out I'd end up throwing up in public and that's really not a good look. I feel really bad for having to cancel”
I say “It’s okay.💜”
Then she say “I'm really sorry :(“
I then said “It’s okay, your health is important and we are in good terms. :) “
Two minutes later I said “Take care of yourself in the few days and we could meet in person when you are well and have the time. :) “
I tried to seem reasonable.
Did I say it and word it correctly?

I am upset but I’m loyal so I don’t want to give up on her haha.
I need a girl bestie, whose there for me.
She leave me on read and on seen.
This is awkward.
Thank you.


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  • What you said is great.

    • She leave me on read and on seen.
      This is awkward.

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    • Maybe she’s still sick.

    • She ghost me

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