Why someone stalks my twitter?

My Twitter is quite private and I use a username only several friends might have seen somewhere else. It is used to record my feelings. I follow only celebrities, no friends, and I have only 2 commercial followers. But I notice someone keeps checking my page (not single tweet) every now and then, the frequency ranges from once/week to 20 times/day

What possible reasons explain why this person stalks me? Do you think this person is someone I know? Thanks a lot.


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  • Is it possible it's just a Google bot or something similar, sniffing pages to update search info or what have you?

    • You are right. That’s quite possible.

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  • I can't tell if someone looks at my Twitter page. Where does it show?

    • I use the analysis function. I checked many of my tweets together and found their visitor counters updated together, so I was sure someone was on my page.

    • Didn't know that existed on Twitter. It is the tweet impressions right?

    • Yes.

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