Why does my manager treat me like this?

So he’s my manager. I’m a crew Trainer. We work in the kitchen department. We’re both the same age.

He’ll always tell new people that I train that I’m really fast and how lucky they are to get trained by me because I’m faster than most of the people there, etc. basically bragging about me.

But he always keeps me after my shift. Like the other day, I was scheduled to leave at 9pm and my other coworker was scheduled till 11pm and he sent my coworker home at 9pm and made me stay till 11pm. And tonight, I was scheduled till 10pm. I started my cleaning duties at 9:30pm and finished around 10:15pm. And my manager was doing the overnight shift and randomly said “why don’t you do overnight with me on weekends?” (He obviously didn’t mean today since it’s Monday) but why would he even suggest that?

I said no and then asked if I could leave. He said “you don’t want to stay late? You could clean the lobby for me?” Yet the lobby looked pretty clean already and the girl that was supposed to clean in had just left about 30 mins before I did.

Why is my manager always wanting me to stay late? And suggesting overnight shifts.


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  • Sounds like he liked you and is expressing it in an odd way.


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