How to turn him down?

I've been seeing this guy for 3 dates and we’ve been chatting for a month before we even started seeing each other. He was great at first we had lots of things to talk about and he was smart because he can keep up with the random topics we have.

The thing is, he is being sarcastic and offending at times. Whenever we chat or last time we dated he was irritable. few days ago i was kinda feeling bad and i told him in chat i was kinda upset since he messaged me first. But he replied with”why did you fck another guy?” It was so weird. Im only dating him. And i dont sleep around since my last boyfriend. I was very offended and i was thinking what kind of reply was that and in his defense he said that he didn't get my message he didn’t understand why im upset so he said that.
Whenever i tell him to cut it out whenever he is sarcastic he will say he has dry humor or im sensitive

I can ghost him. My friend told me to never reply to him but inthink its not mature to ghost so i was thinking to message him. What do you guys think? What should i do? I dont want to talk and date him anymore at first he was great, now he seems rude

No we didn't have sex yet.
He also is suspicious!! He would say something like, “oh did you really make that? looks like you got the images from google”

I get it sometimes it can be joke but he usually accuses me of things. And its to the point that its hurtful


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  • I’ve been ghosted even when I wasn’t a jerk. If you do want to take the mature route, just straight up tell him you don’t appreciate his mannerisms of being rude and sarcastic. Tell him you don’t want someone that makes you feel bad.

    • Thank you.
      Only cowards do ghosting. I’ve done that when I was younger to ahole guys. To avoid drama but now that I have mature, I want to do this in a mature way.

      Maybe those who ghosted you were either btchy orrr perhaps were shy to tell you the truth. Anyway, that’s okay because anyone who does that means that they don’t deserve a space in your life. Someone will come who’s better :)

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  • I'd just message him and sort of say, look, it has been really lovely to meet you and spend time with you but I feel like we're two very different people and I don't think we're romantically compatible. That way, it's left open to friendship if he so wishes. I would however maybe try and find out why he's like the way he is and potentially direct him to a doctor or psych.


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  • Then tell him he's rude I mean if he's not gonna change and you dont wanna be with him break off the relationship politely I guess but send a clear message

    • I told him he was. But he would usually say that im sensitive or he has dry humor. The thing is im thinking if i politely tell him that me and him shouldn't date anymore he might get mad or say something bad to me. There are guys who get offended even if you turn them down easily

    • Then he's the sensitive one. But seriously don't put up with that shit fuck his feelings cuz your telling him the truth

  • Maybe he is bi polar? Either way just tell him it’s not working it and somebody else will be a better match for you

    • Lol i was thinking he might be bipolar! He told me before he is not good in consoling because before he was asking me about something and he thought i was gonna cry so he asked if i was gonna cry. i told him no. Then he said good, because im not good in consoling people (he looked awkward when he said that)

    • He just doesn’t know how to talk to people

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