Am I seeing a player?

I met this guy on tinder and we’ve had a couple dates so far. He seems like a nice guy but I’m not sure if he acts that way only to hook up because he seems to want to move very fast...

He is quite touchy ever since we first met. On a first date he kissed me for a goodbye. Our second date started off nicely and we were even holding hands on the streets so I thought maybe there’s a possibility he wants something more since he isn’t afraid of pda. But once we got to his place and started making out he obviously wanted to have sex. I rejected him tho.

Now he texted me to set up our next date for this week (not at his place). What also makes me a bit confused is that he’s that kind of guy who never texts in between dates. Also after our first date he uploaded a few new pics on tinder.

Do these seem like red flags for you or am I just freaking out?


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  • Lots of guys move too fast for a girl's taste. If he were a Player, I think he would have moved on to easier Prey rather than go on a third date with you.

  • He is keeping his options open... player as in attacking different fronts at the same time


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