Am I too young to date somebody with a baby?

I’m 18
I’ve never had a job
I’m about to start looking for colleges
Im a virgin
I live with my mom

The girl I’m talking about is named Sierra
She has a baby
she's my age
She goes to school and works

Am I too young?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Despite being the same age, she is a woman with a child and you are still mostly a child. I'm sorry if that stings a bit.

    This young woman really probably needs an established adult to date.

    It's really not your age, but your stage in life. Having a baby ages you about 10 years in some ways.

    • Well if anything I thought her having a baby at this age would make me the one who’s way more mature
      She’s more grown up then me.. yeah she has to be
      but maturity is different

Most Helpful Guy

  • Rather than too young, I would say you are not in a position to really have a serious relationship with her, plus I'd imagine she doesn't have much time for Dating since she has a very Young child and is working and going to School.

    For a first relationship, you should have a girlfriend in a much more relaxed Situation, one more similar to your own. i don't think you're in a Position to date a single parent.


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What Girls Said 5

  • She has a child and goes to work. it's okay to date her, but i don't think its a good idea to marry her bc you're young, you need a job to be able to support the child (the mother should be staying with her child) and you should look forward to college first.

  • No you are not, though her having a baby makes her more matured in mind but if you truly care for her and can handle it no problem, but i suggest you let go because when you get to college you gonna meet people (other girls).

  • First 5 sentences you said answers your question.

  • Damn don't do it.

  • Yeah


What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah but it would be different if you had a steady job and your own place.

  • Move on m8 find someone else.


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