Would you date someone who has bipolar disorder?

I’ve always battled depression throughout my life but I noticed recently I’ve been feeling more intense emotions and my behavior shifts quickly too. I went to a mental health clinic and they’ve diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. There’s different types but I’m just the regular one. I’m not violent or suicidal but I realize that’s the stereotype of people with bipolar disorder. Not all of us are like that. The worst so far with me is I can get into a severe depression episode that lasts for a a couple of days or a week. But I don’t self harm or anything like that. I’ve only been in 2 relationships but they were very short-lived. I usually hide (or try) how I’m feeling most times and just try to get through the day. My relationships were pretty bad so I’m put off from dating for awhile. by the way, just because I have mood disorders doesn’t mean I was a psycho in the relationships. My first boyfriend actually took advantage of me and manipulated me by telling me everything was my fault, my second one just led me on with a promise of a meaningful relationship and dumped me as soon as I lost my virginity to him. I realize it I was just too naïve and vulnerable. But they both at least admitted their faults in the relationship and said it wasn’t me. They both said I was a really kind, sweet, intelligent, strong, independent, understanding and caring person. Anyways, I was starting to work on myself this year but I ended up having a nervous breakdown and decided to go get help. I’m working on improving myself and was wondering when I am ready to start dating again if someone out there be willing to date with bipolar disorder? I wouldn’t know how to mention it, I’m not sure if I should say on the first date or later when we’re feeling comfortable.


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  • Only if properly medicated


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