Do girls even care about the little things?

For instance, I took a girl out for dinner last night. I gave her flowers which she just dumped in a pot and we left (I didn't know if she was the type to like flowers so I ignored that)
I opened the restaurants door for her, never got a thank you. I gave her my jacket because of the cold air and she was wearing a small top but she just nodded when I gave it to her. I drove her home and got no thank you. Whats with that? I did those things because I wanted to but a thank you would be nice too.


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  • Take me out I’ll show you appreciation

    • It would have been better if you never said that anonymously

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  • Not all women know how to express appreciation. That is a bit of information about what kind of person she is.

    (I have a black shawl sealed in a ziploc in the trunk of my car. If I take a lady to a restaurant and the air is too cold for her, I excuse myself and return with the shawl to wrap around her. That impresses most women!)


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