Why am I still single?

I just don’t understand
i know it’s not my looks... & it can’t be my personality
I’m literally the nicest person I know
The only flaw I have is the fact I have no money
I don’t work
That’s the only flaw I have when it comes to relationships
I’m not a cheater.. I can’t even get a girlfriend so how would I be able to cheat?

there was this girl named destiny who turned me down for some other boy
I’m not trying to sound cocky but why turn me down for him?

The kids literally like 5”7
im 6”0
He has no facial hair and looks like a baby Justin Bieber
Why do people choose little kids like that over me?

Destiny is 17
im 18
& I know that little brat isn’t older than me
He’s 16 at The most.

& no I’m not cocky
Im not bragging
I’m not full of myself
im just tired of seeing people like that
in relationships and I can’t get in one

& no she doesn’t love him
they literally send eachother like 100 emojis instead of actually talking or texting


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  • I'm in a similar situation, doesn't really feel like there is much I can do. Maybe start online dating?

  • Emojis are retarded.

  • cuz u r not able to start conversacíon


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