Does this girl like me or nah or is she using me?

It took me months to end up talking to this girl... After I succeed... She and I ate a few lunches together, talked one on one late 3 times and played some soccer together (just the both of us)... Sadly this was during the last 2 months of the uni semester...

So we starting messaging eachother over fb (apparently she likes that over texting). I know she's a shy person (asked a few of her friends) and she's awfully quiet too. When we started messaging on fb... We used to talk all the time and sometimes the convos ended up being late into the night. It slowly stopped after she got a summer job... But still we were texting frequently. There were times where I started the convo... Other times she did...

Later on I decided randomly to ask her to go to a jazz restaurant with me... She's like let's get some friends and let's go... She replies this 2hours after seeing the message and we were going back and forth... So I took it as she only sees me as a friend... So obviously I'm sad... So I didn't message her often or initiate the convo... But she kept on messaging me and she started all the convos... She would tell me about her day... Sometimes ask me about mine... Sometimes rant about work... Whatever...

So we go back and forth... And I'm trying to get to know her... I ask her simple 3 year old questions.. Ex: whats ur fav animal and all that... She NEVER answers any of my questions. She didn't even answer what's her favorite color. I'm mind blown. I asked her why she never answers any of my questions. She says because I ask too many then she went on to explain to me that FB is used for sending eachother dumb memes & all that. I'm stunned cus she tells me about her day and all that. I didn't wanna start a fight so I said I ask a lot of questions because I want to get to know you & you never answer any of my questions.

She stopped responding. 2 weeks later she msgs me saying she's done with her summer job *sad face*

Can someone help me? Does she like me or no?


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  • She enjoys your friendship with her. She’s not using you, she just likes talking to you. Maybe she doesn’t answer those questions because she doesn’t like small talk or can’t think of answer and prefers memes. And maybe she was just busy at her job and that’s why you hadn’t heard from her in a while


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