HELP A GIRL OUT! Why does he pull this sh*t?

I met with my ex-boyfriend yesterday and...

He kept asking me questions such as:
- Describe the personality of the guy you last went on a date with?
- Describe what he looked like?
- What is your ideal type of boyfriend? What are the deal-breakers?
- What is your ideal personality in a boyfriend?

-very flirty (would pretend to push me into bushes and grab onto me)
- told me that he doesn't remember much about our relationship but all he remembers is that there was a lot of fighting and sex. But he says he feels like he blocks out the good on purpose.

In addition, he talked about this girl he was really into but he said he can't be with her because she's in a relationship. But he told me he went over her house and they found a box of stuff from one of her old relationships. Then he said he went home and then went through all of our old stuff. This lead to us going to my house and re-reading so many old notes between us that went sent each other. He stayed until around 4 am and then left. I am honestly just so confused because he never talks to me but when I do is weird nonsense.

*Additional info: Previously I told him that I was still into him and he told me that us being broken up was for the best* (Last time we spoke) We only met up because my dog is sick and he played a huge role in his life. (He's a service dog)


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What Guys Said 2

  • From his questions, he wants to find out how to be your perfect boyfriend, really seems like he wants to be with you. His actions say he wants to give it a second chance for sure, just he seems a bit cautious.

  • Why are you meeting up with an ex? Like what good would ever come from that?

    • I feel like saying he’s my ex sounds weird but It’s what we are. Yet, there was never a fight and we mutually ended things so there was never tension. We met because my dog is having complications & he had a strong bond w him

What Girls Said 1

  • he might still be attracted to you and want you back, but also thinks that you guys are toxic to each other?


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