Girls, are these girls showing any sign of interest?

So girls how should i feel about this? im not overthinking this, just want to know whats up, i "met" both these girls somewhere before/start of the summer

so girl 1;
i met a club before summer, we had a good time, and we actually spent the whole night talking with each other, we exchanged social medias and directly set up another date to meet again since she lived some hours away from me, didn't happen tho
She tried to keep the contact alive but as you all know, we both just "forgot" about one another cause talking via texting just gets boring
So then like after i posted my newest post on instagram, she hit me back up, but we kept it really short so i think nothings going on here...

Girl 2;
Is another girl i "met" at the start of the summer and we never actually met, so it was online
We spent the first 2 weeks talking and talking, but she was afraid to meet up cause ofc she doesn't know me and thinks its strange.. During texting tho she did tell me how she loved talking with me and related a lot with me, i mean we did text hrs in a row sometimes till 4 AM, but ofcourse texting took its tole and we dropped

Until my newest post and she congratulated me and right off the bat we had a conversation again lasting a few hrs, now when i talked about certain stuff happening around me she wasn't as hesitant to meet me, even suggested herself she would like to come if i happen to do anything major in the near future. Again we spent a few hours talking till somewhere 1 AM till she went off, we haven't spoken since this morning

So what should i do? How do u evaluate the situation?

I think Girl 1 wanted to try but not lead the conversation and Girl 2 is a mystery to me lol


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  • girl one saw a potential but it went nowhere. girl two there was a bunch of chemistry and you should go with girl 2

    • yeah i thought the same about girl 1
      bunch of chemistry?
      yeah well id like to, but i forgot to mention that we also live a couple hrs away from each other :)

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