Im taking a girl out on a date to the movies on Thursday been awhile since I've been on a datee soo any tips? 😭?


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  • Just don't try and shove your dick in her mouth and you'll be fine

    • 😅😅 i ain't gone be doing that im good 💀

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    • Still all seems so much more complicated than how I get dates...

    • Anything for you gummy

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  • Let her select the movie.

    Compliment her appearance but don't be over the top about it.

    If it feels right, try holding her hand during part of the movie.

    Ask her if she would like to go somewhere for a snack dessert, or drink afterwards.

    Ask her some questions about herself.

    Ask some questions that will give you some suggestions for the next date. "What kind of restaurants do you like? Do you like to go to bars to hear live music? Do you like going to the beach? To the zoo?"

    Have a few "clean" jokes ready to make her laugh. "Did I tell you that my sister dated a guy with a wooden leg? It didn't work out so she had to break it off!"

    If you don't feel anything for her, at the end of the date, just tell her that you don't think you have enough common interests to have any chance of developing a relationship with her.

  • Shower, wear clothing, hold the door for her, pay for her, don't look at other girls, laugh at her jokes, no physical contact Unless she says it's ok or she does it first, don't use the words ''i, me, my, mine, I've, I'm, I'd, myself'', have a good time and be yourself...


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