Is it too late to try and find a girlfriend this late in college?

I'm 22 and about to graduate in December. I did have a girlfriend a couple of years ago but she didn't go to my school and we went our separate paths. However, now I realize I'm kind of in a hole. Younger girls (18-20) aren't mature enough for a long-term, committed relationship and would rather just party or try to "experience" college. Meanwhile, girls my age still in school are also about to graduate and go their separate ways so many of them aren't looking for anything long-term either. I don't even know if I'll still be in the same city, let alone state after graduation so trying to keep any sort of committed relationship would be a major risk.
Should I stop trying to look right now and wait until I get my whole career and entry-job thing settled? The only problem I see is that my campus is swarming with women, whereas if I try to start dating outside of school I will likely only have dating apps as my options to find women and it could take years for something to happen.


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  • No, you can still find someone


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  • Stop looking for a girlfriend. Start meeting women.

    You're doing too much planning, too much thinking. Don't even think about relationships until you're with a girl who you really care about and you realize you want to be in a relationship with her.

    If you see a lot of attractive girls at college, start talking to them. Go out with them, get to know them and just see what happens.


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  • Why the fuck would you want a girlfriend? Play the field dude


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