Guys, Was this a bad answer to his question?

this guy I’ve been seeing for a few months called me to talk in the middle of the night at like 3:30am (we had been texting all day and planning to meet up earlier but I couldn’t) he was up bc he runs a business and he deals with people in China so that’s a normal night to him. He called me on his break. Anyway it was really late and I we were talking and he asked me what are my goals and dreams... I said this

“honestly I’ve had to take care of my family (my mom, Dad and sister; give them money and look after them) for so long that this is the first time in my life I get to focus on just myself but I do want to start my own online business and have that freedom and a dream of mine has always been to paint and create art that effects people and travel showing my art and making a difference. But I know that’s not feasible and a long shot. Hence why it’s a dream. As for right now, I’m enjoying being a Marketing Manager, I like learning about the market trends and techniques so I do enjoy that as a means of income and I like what I do. Is it my dream? No but it’s a great job.

Does that sound like a sufficient answer? Would you think she isn’t driven or is “lost”? It was really late at night so I think I rambled whatever came to my head so to me it sounded all over the place.


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