Sorry it’s long but is this considered cheating?

My somewhat boyfriend who I’m on a break from (break was his idea. He moved out 4 weeks ago cause he claimed to be depressed, needed time to figure things out, so he don’t drag me down with him even after we been living together for 5 months). He’s a shy guy and he’s never been known to message random chicks. Not since I been with him. We been dating for a year.

He spent the night with me last Thursday. He did tell me he can’t handle having a girlfriend, a kid, & a crazy ex wife right now. I asked him does he want a girlfriend. He said he wants to be happy & he’s not happy with his life. I asked what’s that got to do with me cause he had all these problems with the kid & ex way before I came along & he said it got a lot to do with me.

We ended up having sex for the 1st time since he moved out that night. He gave me a kiss, told me he loved me, and left for work the next morning. That’s the last time I heard from him. Well early Sunday morning around 2-4 a. m. he contacted 2 women on Facebook asking 1 of them what are they getting into tonight & told the other one to call him he’s on the way to their city. (Which is also a chick his roommate dated for a few months) I know he was drunk. He was drinking with friends that night. I don't know if he did it or someone else did it.

I was so mad. Is trying to meet up with women cheating? He told me before he moved out even though we’d be on a break we would still be in a relationship just on a break so no cheating. He even removed me off Snapchat cause he watched my story and thought I was with dudes. I asked him about what he did Sunday and he hasn’t responded to me yet and it’s been 3 days.


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  • Yup... that's cheating

    • Why won’t he respond to me about it? I asked him about it 3 days ago and he hasn’t said anything to me

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    • The more you tell me about this, the more of a train wreck it looks like

    • I thought maybe his roommate got his thumb on the phone to open it up while he was passed out and messaged them from his Facebook account to get us arguing. I don’t know but something seems really odd.

  • Straight up ask him about the Facebook thing. If he said no cheating and he went and did that then yes that would be.

    • I did ask him about it and he hasn’t responded. I was even nice about it by saying I hope he’s a good person who just made a silly mistake cause he was drunk but I at least deserve some kind of apology. But he hasn’t responded to me. That was 3 days ago

    • But I’ve never seen or heard of these women before. He messaged them like he’s talked to them before. I’ve never known of him doing that. He’s a shy guy so he’s obviously hung out with these women since he’s been on the break.

What Girls Said 1

  • Its cheating even if its not intentional since he was drunk, he probably was trying to relieve and forget his issues, and it seems he's doesn't want a relationship either but is not quite sure of it himself.

    • He could of just broke up with me first

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