Why Is He Acting Like This?

He tells me he loves me. He gives me everything I want and treats me like a spoiled princess almost all the time. He's told me less than a week ago that he genuinely thinks I'm his forever person. He's cried his eyes out also less than a week ago because he thinks I love his brother. Even as I'm typing this, I just got home after being at his house for a week straight and he's on the phone with me for the night to help me sleep because of my anxiety. He's told me he won't flirt with other girls or do anything. He puts up with a lot from me and never dips out on me. These examples ones that have happened AFTER our second break up. He's also my first. We've broken up twice. The first time because I tried to overdose; the second because of PTSD flashbacks of abuse that I endured from the boy I dated on our first "break". He hasn't been with anyone else since we first started dating. People, mostly guys, around me are saying he's using me because we aren't together but we still have this kind of relationship where he loves and takes care of me and I honestly kind of cling to him. What do you think? Does he really care or are they right? He's not always nice to me, but mostly he is.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like a lot of dependency, not that he's using you or vice-versa.


What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't sound like he's using you. It sounds more to me like he cares about you.


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