How do I get my girlfriend to talk to me more, and update me about her life?

So I've been seeing this girl for a few months now. A little backstory I'm starting my first year in college and she goes to my old highschool. She has never had a boyfriend before. She's always incredibly kind when we are together and I think the main thing i like about her (aside from the kindness) is how different she is from other girls. She's nothing like any of the girls I've been with so I don't mind the inexperience. She's also insanely beautiful, she's turned down a lot of guys before me. Alright I'll get to it, she only texts me about 4 times a day on average, and we hang out like once every week and a half. That's the problem for me, I'm interested in her and just want to know what's going on in her life. I don't like waiting over a week for a full update. I love it when girls rant to me about their lives and I can try to help or when they ask about mine, and it doesn't happen until we're together in person. I ask her and she'll say a little but not much and only asks me when I ask her. My last relationship lasted about a year and it was similar but she was mean and petty, that's why that ended. This girl is so much better than anyone I've been with and I just want to improve communication, how do I do it?


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  • I think she is more focused in your life which is actually a good thing. People are different and weird in their own way.

    She may not be the person who rants a lot. If she is, like if you have seen her around her friends ranting then maybe she is holding herself back because of insecurities.

    Maybe try to talk more about what she really likes to do. Visit those places where she loves to go. She will shed her inhibitions if she has those with time and maybe let herself open more. Let her open up to you rather than asking her to open her.

    But sometimes it can be that she is closed off person who doesn't give much in her life. That too will open up with time. Have patience, she will appreciate you for that.


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