Just because he’s following girls and liking their pictures on Instagram doesn’t mean he’s talking to them they way he’s talking to me, right?

I might freak out for no reason but the guy that i‘m seeing is constantly following girls on Instagram and liking their pics. we met on tinder and I feel like we might become something more serious. and I remember when he told me after a week of talking that i‘m the first girl he can actually talk to or not get bored after talking for hours. and it’s true usually u get so bored talking to people on tinder bc it’s always those short convos. should I be worried about him following/liking those girls? I mean just bc he does that doesn’t mean he’s actually TALKING to them. they are their typical „Instagram“ girls who reveal a lot of skin or have those ass out-poses to get likes... and I remember him saying he wouldn’t want his girlfriend to post pics like that so I guess it’s not that deep?


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  • You are over reacting woman.


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