GUYS, how would you say the majority of online first dates go for you?

Guys, feel free to add in the comments the percentages and how online dating goes for you. This questions is geared more towards guys, since girls have a different set of problems when it comes to dating.

For me: A) 20% B)40% C)40% D)0%

Out of like 14 online dates in 3 weeks I have two girls that are "friends" that I hang out with, and one that thinks she is my BFF, but no actual girlfriend. And these girls are probably just playing me tbh. I am not used to getting rejected this much. It seems like if you have any standards, you are competing with tons of other guys. Even if the date goes really well you stand a high chance of being rejected because she is shopping. I have come to the conclusion it is a giant waste of time, emotions, and money. Nothing kills my confidence more than meeting an awesome girl, having a great date, then being rejected because she met some Brad Pitt doctor millionaire the next day and she just makes up some random bs excuse. And its not like I don't have a good job, looks etc. Meeting people IRL seems to be a much better productive use of time. I regret even trying online dating for 3 weeks.
  • A) Poorly. The women seem shallow and are poor at conversation, or there seems to be no connection. You rarely get a second date.
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  • B) Mediocre. There is some decent conversation, but the date feels stilted or awkward at times. Your date smiles at you, but you cannot quite tell if she likes you. There is a slight chance of a second date.
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  • C) Decently Well. The date lasts hours and you feel like you have a real connection. Better chance at a second date, but since women are picky not guaranteed.
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  • D) Superb. No doubt in your mind that she sees you as her new boyfriend. You are as smooth as James Bond.
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  • I had 3. 1 b, 1 c and 1 d.


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