Hey everyone, how should I text a girl I recently met at work?

So I've recently befriended a girl at my work and I think I like her, we've seen each other a couple times and we've talked in depth around twice. We were exchanging our preferences and a lot matched, I was really taking a liking to her. She then mentioned that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, but she didn't seem all too beat up about it. I'm trying to get to know her more so I would like to hang out with her and evolve our relationship, but im still in the first steps of figuring out what to text her, or how to text her ( how to peek her intersts). Could you guys help me please🙌?


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  • U need to show her how to screenshot she was having a hard time with that

    • Umm, how does that relate?

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    • U know that I am going away for a few days I keep on asking her to come clean with me I ask her again then she gets mad at me saying I'm crazy and stupid and psycho u know what she got what she wanted me to blame and me to have a nervous break down but mind u got paints don't have a good name up there either u know I have been with her almost 9 years the past 2 to 3 years she has had 5 affair on me now the good part is that I know I have over 30 videos of her and these guys and I'm going to give jon a copy of it

    • Wow, that sounds like quite a story, u seem to be a quite forgiving, patient and caring gentleman, and i might even go as to say that considering what she has done to you, she doesn't diserve your affection for her, she is lower than you and you should forget about her and move on to a better person entirely. Give her that as a returning gift for her unfaithful behavior, and make sure you're living a happy life without her

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