What is his deal?

6 months ago i went on a dinner date with this guy, when he dropped me off at home i didn’t kiss him. we stopped talking and now 6 months later were talking again. he took me to the beach 3 weeks ago with our mutual friend and we have been texting everyday since. he says he doesn’t think he wants a relationship but he also doesn’t hookup so as of right now were just friends but he is attracted to me. when we went to the beach he was all boyfriendy with me so i don’t get it. he always jokes about how he was so let down when i didn’t kiss him our first date. tonight we went and got pizza together. it went great he flirted with me called me pretty and nice but the whole time he kept telling me about these other girls he thinks are hot. i don’t know if he was trying to make me jealous or if he was just treating me like a friend.. he paid for the food and was very sweet to me. when we went back to our cars he sort of lingered a bit he was looking at my car because he’s never seen it and i think he wanted me to kiss him this time but we weren’t close enough and we were in a parking lot. i went home and a few hours later at 2am he went to a 24 hour dinner with his buddy. he posted a photo of his friend at the table and made the caption “first date kinda nervous” joking. i replied to it and said i knew you were gay and he replied probably cause you wouldn’t kiss me i replied chill we’re just friends cause thats what he told me and he replied i’m kidding lol it will always be a joke. what do i do?


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