What to expect from the first time my boyfriend spends the night with me?

So, finally the time has come—my boyfriend is coming to my college to spend the night with me! Maybe even two!

He’ll likely spend the weekend with me, and sleep with me in my bed. I live in a dorm with a roommate, but she doesn’t mind him being there and she’s not gonna be in the room all day anyway.

I’m afraid to get tense and nervous if he tries to put his arm around me and spoon. Will he kiss me goodnight or good morning? Is that a thing?

Guys, what do you do in these situations when you spend the night with your girlfriend? What should I expect?


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  • Expect to get cozy, flirty, hot and ready to kiss... and then recognize that when you are alone, in the heat of the moment and kissing... that it is most likely going to lead to more fondle and thus sex. Unless, you are firm with your boundaries and not ready.
    If you guys have already had sex... then i'm sure you guys will do anything and everything that you have already done before... Just now in a college dorm alone.


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