Are the parents of my boyfriend crazy?

It al started normal, they seemed nice. They have their problems (they’re divorced because the husband cheated and the wife is a controlling freak) one day my boyfriend was at my house and his mother showed up and gave my own mom a lecture. A couple weeks later my boyfriend said that his parents want to have my moms number so that they can ask her if I already take birth control (who even asks that? I mean my parents can educate me themselves but his parents don’t need to stick their noses in everything... if they are so worried about safety lecture him then about condoms!! Oh and I told him that I already take the pill for about 2 months now!!) I told this to my mom and she says that it’s none of their business so I shouldn’t give her number. Now my boyfriend is mad and his parents are too and he threatens that his parents will come to my house to ask that question. This isn’t normal right? Who do you think is right (me & my parents or his parents)? & Thanks for all the advice.


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  • Their concern about whether you both are safe is understandable, especially since it does happen that women purposefully try to get pregnant to use it against a guy, or simply because you're still young. However, dismissing you and demanding to go to your mother is nuts. The fact that your boyfriend apparently supports this is a red flag, in my opinion. His mother is blatantly disrespecting you, and he's taking her side.

    • Yes, I understand their concern but I already take birth control (I’ve told them numerous times) but they don’t want to listen. I also think that this is a red flag, he should try to understand me.

  • It’s indeed not normal that they are that nosy about whether YOU take birth control. They should focus on their son, and not on you.


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