What are you views on love?

I feel like people in my generation don't understand what love is anymore. I think they throw the word out like candy. Completely and utterly meaningless. And tbh I like to wait to say it til I'm absolutely sure im in love before saying it to the girl i am with. But they always seem to get butthurt when I don't say it back. Does it make me a bad person for not saying it? I feel like im inclined to say it back when they say it but if I dont feel it i don't wanna break their hearts and let them down. I don't know tell me what you think lol


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  • Don’t feel bad about not reciprocating. It would be much worse if you lied about something like love.

    Currently, I view love as I do any other emotion. It’s complex, sometimes self-contradictory or contradicts logic: it’s definition evolves as we do throughout our lives. When it comes to romantic love, I’ve only experienced it once. I knew it was love the way I know I am happy when I laugh, or the way I know I’m tired when my eyes feel heavy. It’s just an instinctive understanding.


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  • It's best to say what you feel and stick with that. The alternative always has repercussions lol. Honesty is always the better route.

  • Ya don't say it if u dnt feel it. Its the right thing to do and I m glad u r honest person which is very rare to find these days

  • Majere from Dragonlance?

    And you are doing the right thing.

    • No not from dragonlance lol. It was a username my dad gave me from when i was little. He probably got it from that tho 😂

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    • It's from Dragonlance doll lol

    • Ohh okay. Well i wasn't sure lol. He never really told me he was just like here have this username and i was like yesss cuz i liked his username.

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