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I have had my feelings hurt. We all have. But why can't a guy trust you or give you the chance to show him your not going to hurt him. He won't listen to my feelings for him. I have tried to tell him. My feelings never matter to anyone before so why am I expecting them to matte now at my age? My family was never the type to share those. And the one time I wsnt to share them with someone the same thing happens and they don't give a damn. It makes me cry. What is so wrong with feelings besides getting hurt? Which I should also be use to. I have been hurt my whole life by family kids at school. I hate getting close to people and the one time I let my guard down thinking its safe I get hurt by him. I'm going to be more cautious as I don't want to go through this again. He won't talk to me know I text him today. He says I go nuts on him but I just want to tell him I wsnt some answers. Do I not deserve that? I feel like I don't deserve anything. I do feel I deserve the way he is treating me. He says he is hurt to. I think he is lying. Why does he miss me why is he nice to me then hurts me? We don't have sex anymore. Just hang out get drunk and do oral stuff but that's it. He doesn't want a relationship. He says feelings and you get hurt. Well hello I'm hurt! I'm angry sad depressed lonely so many things going through me at one time and I can't take it. I hate life right now. I have dated but my heart wants only one thing. Its him. How do I let him know when he won't hear me out? Why does he do this? What goes through a guys head? Do they not care about how we feel for them or what we think? I wsnt him to be happy. I wsnt myself to be happy and when were together it feels that way all the time. I'm so confused about him. What does he want me to do I have asked but he won't tell me? I just want to give up on everything right now. I can't focus at work ill be starting college soon here again. I need to focus on both of those and I can hardly get out of bed or sleep or eat. I'm going crazy. My heartaches!


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  • It sounds like he just wants a friend with benefits but you obviously have feelings for him. If he doesn't want to take the relationship to the next level then you should consider not hanging out and drinking with him because it's just going to hurt you more. And definitely you should quit doing intimate, oral things with him, it's just going to lead to more heartache. I know it's hard to hear but there's definitely someone out there for all of us, you've just gotta keep putting yourself out there until you find them. It sounds like you want to find the right person, and if so you need to stop wasting your time with someone who apparently doesn't want that. Some time apart from him might even bring him to his senses. As it stands he pretty much gets what he wants and has no real incentive to let you in, or to take the relationship to the next level. If you keep letting this go on you'll just stay in this cycle of heartache and you won't be able to focus on work or school. I hope this helps :-(

  • I read this and I can identify *soo* much that my heart aches for you. But since you're just venting, as you say, I won't bother with the advice. Feelings and emotions are beautiful things, and part of us that makes us "real".

    There's someone for everyone. I was 25 when I finally learned that.

    I know this is a year old, but message me if you want to chat or vent. I'm married, but I'm free to have friends . . .(without benefits!)




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