First Date? What do I do? Is it still on?

I'll try and condense this. My coworker Jodie and I have talked for over a year and a half. Hating our jobs, hating kids, sexual stuff, relationships etc... She's had boyfriends come and go. I was going to ask her to drinks recently but she got another one, so I did ask her advice on another coworker, Tammy. There are a few things that complicate dating Tammy though. Unimportant for this post. Point is I didn't go far. Jodie broke up with her Boyfriend and I asked her out.

She said she thought I liked Tammy. I told her I did but I always liked her more, and I only tried to move on because she had a BF. Jodie told me he was an AH. I said 'well there you go'. We discussed the fact that we're both basically crazy nerds and that we do already know a lot about each other. She agreed to have drinks with me when she got off work tomorrow (These plans were made Friday). She gave me her number. Om Saturday we texted about the MN blizzard (we live in MN), Sunday about work craziness, and Monday I replied to a Facebook post of hers about needing help to shovel. I would have if I could, but didn't have enough time before needing to be somewhere. She thanked me for the thought.

I sent her a text about an hour ago saying I hope she had a good day at work, and that I was making sure we were still on for tomorrow at the time planned. No reply yet. I'm on eggshells now. Been burned in the past.

What should I do? How long do I go without a reply before calling/texting again? I'm not driving out to meet her if she hasn't confirmed.

Also, if we do go out, how does having very frank, sarcastic conversations in the past affect a first date?


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  • Give it a few more hours. Sometimes I forget to respond to date texts due to my phone being dead at the time...or just forgetting to check if anyone messaged me. If she doesn't text by tomorrow though, I'd call and ask her if she's too busy and try to reschedule or something.

    And you should just act like normal on the date, though maybe throw in some pleasant conversation in the middle of all the negative to lighten the mood. lol

    • She works 10-5 and we were to meet at 5 so calling her at 9 AM wouldn't be too crazy you think? Especially if I haven't heard back by then?

    • 9 AM would be a good time if you still haven't heard back from her. It's not unreasonable by any means. (I personally get wake-up texts at 6 AM from some people if I forget to text them at night lol..just don't send anything that early.) :)

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