Is dating older men better?

Most of the girls I know date men that are at least 5 years older than them.

Also, do you guys think that the best thing a girl can do that isn't considered attractive by guys her age is date older men?


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  • i can relate to this, big time... ;) the reason behind this is that, girls mature faster (intellectually regarding relationship and stuff) than boys. its like, when I was still in highschool, all I think about are games, sports, and more games... and yes girls, but never did I take it seriously, compared to the girls in my class that never stops talking about love and stuff...

    wel, I came to realize through time, that my emotional needs are more compatible to girls younger than me...and shared some of the serious relationships on a younger age group.

    • Well...I'm a late bloomer so I've never been on a relationship or been on a date or anything (yet most people I know, even guys, have been in relationships so they can't be any less mature than I am). It seems like guys my age don't like me. So do you think that older guys would be better and do you have any advice for girls who are interested in older men?

    • i know guys who are late bloomers too...its not for me to say, but if you prefer to be in a more mature conversation and relationship, try older men... like what I've said, girls tend to mature earlier than boys. and remember, boys will be boys.

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  • Some younger girls have a real sweetness about them. They can be really caring and mature for their age.

    • Haha~You're right, some of them definitely are. Although I could work on my maturity lol.

      Would you recommend that girls date guys 5+ years older than them? Also, do you have any advice for girls who are interested in older men?

    • umm yes it can work if the guy and girl have enough in common and he respects her. My advice would be to use common sense and make sure he's not taking advantage of you or pressuring you into anything.

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  • It's not that guys your age think that you're unattractive, it's that they feel like you're too mature for them. At least, that's how it is in my case. I'm 18 and haven't had a real boyfriend yet. It's not that they don't like me. In fact, I've known quite a few who have a had secret crushes on me, but were afraid to say anything. Older guys tend to speak up more, but depending on the age difference, they may not pursue a relationship with you until you're a little bit older. In my case, since I'm attracted to older guys, I'm content with having a friendship first and getting to know them as people.

  • I do agree girls who don't get asked out on dates by guys their age, do get asked out by older men. But! mid 20's guys are looking to have fun. Older men are looking for something else. I believe we don't get asked out because we aren't fun enough or we don't party as often as he likes.

    • Oh okay. I never thought of it that way.

    • yeah.. I'm 25 and I get asked out by quiet 30+ year old men..

      20 something year old men just would be interested at a quiet girl like me.

    • My interested has been piqued.

      I'm a shy girl too so maybe you're right.