Is my friend mentally challenged?

hey everyone I am just wondering if one of my friends is mentally challenged. She can be someone cool to talk to but lately we have been hanging out a lot and I've noticed that

sometimes she stares at people, she walks really slow and at times she will interrupt me when I'm telling her something and she just says "uhhu yeah uhuu" and I know she isn't listening to me. Also she only likes to hang out at one place and doesn't like to be in big groups of people at school. can someone please help me.. and does this sound normal?


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  • She may just be having an awkward phase. People mature socially at different times. I wouldn't say she's mentally handicapped. She may have a mild form of autism though, but I can't diagnose her. Only a doctor could.


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  • I wouldn't say challenged. That indicates the likes of Autism and stuff. I think she's maybe mentally deviated. Or she just doesn't like you, LOL.

    • haha. sometimes its really annoying actually today we hung out she's funny and chill but sometimes she takes her time (like she has all day) and today she was acting like a little kid,

    • Hmm... She might have Aspergers, you know. Or a Sodaform anxiety, or something.

    • ok thanx

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  • Sorry to say,but you guys are under 18 so you are still technically "kids". You guys are things change and maybe she is just in some sort of phase. It just sounds as though maybe she is bored or living on her own planet a bit.

    • ur right I'm still a kiddo.. but thanks ...maybe she is going through a phase.

  • i guess its possible.. maybe she did too many drugs?

    i knew this chick that seemed cool then once we started hanging out I thought she was half retarted and turned out she did too much ecstacy..

    • No I know she doesn't do that because she would tell me she's always bothered by ppl. that do it. The only thing that bothers me is that she acts lame and slow sometimes and she annoys me a lot the more we hang the more she acts like a little kid

    • maybe she's just an immature ditsy douche lol