Is he really going to pick her over a true friend?

Hi. ok this so called friend of mine is going out with my ex boyfriend and she got pissed off at him for not sitting next to her and not talking to her. Well when he came and sat down next to her during lunch she got all pissed off at him because he was talking to me and one of my other friends. Anyway I heard that she told him that he and we could not talk because we're ex's and " not aloud " to talk to each other. and I know that she can't tell us what to do and everything but her last boyfrined she had she bossed him around she thinks she can get whatever she wants and me and my friend think that the only reason why she even liked him was because I liked him and I was going out with him. I mean when she told me that he wanted to break up she was all smiles and laughing about it. she even said that when my boyfriend ever broke up with me she would dump her boyfriend and go out with mine. I don't care that she likes him and that she's going out with him. but I miss talking to him he hasn't said anything to me latley and so I'm wondering if this is this girls fault. I mean heck she calls him stupid and a fagit behind his back. and I don't know about this or not but I thnink he's going on with it. if she's only going out with him to try to make me jelous well its not working because for one thing I don't get jelous over anything that easliy ( you would have to do something majior to make me jelous but it also depends on what it is.) Anyway would he really pick her instead of a true friend? there's one more thing that me and one of my friends agree on to. we think that when she has a boyfriend everything has to be her way. her boyfriend talkes to this one girl that she really hates and she's been saying how he can't talk to her its like she's telling us who we can talk to and who we can't well anyway I think I told you everything I'm not sure if I left anything out but I'm jsut curious would he really leave for her instead of a true friend? ( srry this seems long ) also srry about the he she thing I don't really want to use names if you know what I mean.


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  • u may not like me sayin this but I do think there is abit of jealousy going on from u. Maybe not in a sexual way but there still is. she is way more jealous than you are though but truthfully you do have 2 remember you 2 are ex's and it can b hard 4 ex's 2 stay friends but either way just b patient and talk 2 him when you can but you do have 2 move on and not let any of this annoy u. he is a big boy and can make his own decisions so if he chooses 2 b bosed around by her then you have 2 deal with it