Is it true that guys would rather hang out with guys?

How true is that?

so.. when you are especially friendly to a girl, is it safe to say you are interested to be more than a friend?


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  • on this one I would say it really depends on the guy. I know personally that most of my friends are female however I tended to shy away from a girl that I wanted to date. well lets just say she noticed me shying away confronted me about it so I told her how I felt and we haven't spoken since. so I really think it depends on the person and not guy/girl.

    • but.. lets say if he offers to go nice things for this girl.. 1) "listern I'm going to take a taxi downtown, why don't you ride with me and drop you off on my way?" 2) "No, you haven't been to ___? Why don't you come along this sat with me." 3) He wouldn't say bye to me and lingers and chat after class about unimportant stuff until one of our friends saw us, and we split and say bye."

      Is he showing interest? or.. just friends?

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    • srry about how long it took to reply I had to make my way to school.

      based off of that id say that he is interested in you as a friend it could grow given the right push to that direction by you if you want to. however I would say just be a good friend for now maybe just hang out outside of the class kinda like best friends do.

    • I think.. I'll just leave it as just friends and stop asking him out. But normally, my friends aren't as nice as he is to me. Perhaps, he's just a nice person and I better stop asking him out before it gets too weird for him.

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  • It depends on the guy. My partner has always had more female friends than male friends and prefers the company of females. He doesn't relate to a lot of guys, isn't into things like sports or cars (not that all guys are into those things, but a lot are), etc.

    • Would he act like he's around guys with these females friends?

      Is he extra sensitive around you?

      how would you know if your partner has a "more than friends" relationship with one of his friends?

    • He doesn't really act differently around guys and girls, he just acts like himself.

      What do you mean by extra sensitive?

      I know that he doesn't have a "more than friends" relationship with one of his friends because I trust him. If I didn't trust him, I wouldn't be in a relationship with him.