Made out with my friend, need advice? Kind of long.

So I've known my friend (and coworker) for a few years and he's always been very flirtatious with me. Within the last 6 months we've been hanging out one on one and were getting to know each other a lot better. I've always been attracted to him.

Anyway, my friend and I met him and his friend at a bar 3 weeks ago and after a bit his friend asked me if I liked him. I said yes and for the rest of the night at the bar, his friend kept telling me to just flirt with him, there's something there, he likes me, etc. Anyway, I drank way too much to drive and everyone ended up coming back to my house.

To make this shorter, by the time I was almost completely sober a couple hours later he kissed me and we ended up making out. I asked him if he was drunk, he said no. I didn't think he was completely, he acted more or less the same way he always does. I asked him where do we go from here, he said he’d like to transfer so we can date but our boss has to “release him” so we’re basically in the same spot as before.

At work he still talks to me the same way, but the flirting is definitely toned down. We made plans to hang out last week and a few days before he was all for it, laughing, etc, but when the actual day came he was like “I’m tired… I want to watch my TV shows… it’s a pain going to play tennis right after work…” I asked him if he just wanted to sit in the spa, he said maybe, and then just decided we should play the next day. I couldn’t because of school, and I told him that if we couldn’t play, we can just reschedule because I just wanted to ask him about that night. Then I had to deal with customers and we couldn’t talk. He didn’t bring it up yesterday, just asked how my weekend was and told me all about his.

Should I just ask him straight out, hey was it a one time thing? Or just I just go with the flow, move on, if he’s not making any sort of effort to address what happened? Maybe he thinks we're on the same page? I don't know what to think...


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  • go with the flow and move on...he's playing the frat card on you


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