Is it weird to only talk 2-3 days when dating?

i've been dating this guy for a month now. I really like him and I can tell he likes me too. when we are together we are both really into it. the thing is that he doesn't call me everyday. don't get me wrong I don't expect calls all day everyday but sometimes he goes 2-3 days without calling even after a really nice date. he did mention one time that he would like it if I called him sometimes. so I have a couple of times and every time I have he is always busy so I just figure that if he deosnt call me must mean he is doing something else. I have met his whole family and his friends. but when I asked him to meet my sister he said that is pretty serious and admitted he got scared?! we agreed that we were going to take it slow and just let our relationship happen. is this all normal? what are your thoughts? I have never dated a guy that hasn't called me everyday, I mean at least a simple text. oh and I'm almost positive he's not dating anyone else.


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  • This is similar to the situation I'm in, and I do worry that she wants to talk more. If you want it, tell him. Don't be mad or accusatory ("You never talk to me!") just say you'd love for you to call each other at least every other day.

    • hmm I'm scared tho that its too soon to be saying something, and that he will think I'm too needy? I really just don't want to blow it. don't you think its too soon?

    • It could, but I really doubt it. Even if he takes it as you being needy I doubt that'd be enough for a guy to break up with you.

      Let me put it this way, if you were my girlfriend, I'd love you telling me this.

    • thanks so much for the advice :)

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