Guys and girls, would you date your ex partner's best friends or any of their friends?

I myself thinks its messed up to date your ex partners best friend however I've experienced so many situations where it happens, personally (my ex broke up with me because he liked my best friend) and seeing my friends relationships.

Is it not as a big deal as I think it is? Is it wrong?

-What do you think?


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  • After dating a girl for 6 months when I was 20, we broke up. A year later I saw her best friend and we started dating... went out with her for 3.5 years, broke up 2 months ago. I've had quite a few gfs, but the first girl was the first girl I loved, my ex was the first girl I've ever been in love with, I thought we were gonna get married... its just failed. My advice... don't do it


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