Girls, are you dating a guy that is in a band?

My boyfriend is in a band and we've only just started going out.I'm really insecure and I worry about other girls,when he has a gig.I can't go to every gig and I know in time I will trust him,I just don't know what to do,I even feel anxious when he has a gig.I know he has caught a few girls' eyes!I just think about gorgeous girls out there who might be after him.I don't want to feel like this and I want to be laid back about it all.Is there anything I can do?Or girls,how do you deal with it?


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  • Honey, you have trust issues. You need to trust your boyfriend that he will not cheat on you. Remember, all the girls may like him, but if he really likes you, he'll be faithful to you. If you are having this problem, you are having trust issues in which you really have to work out. I don't have to worry about it because my boyfriend and I are secure :D

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