How often should you text a girl after getting the date?

I met her last week, we made plans for next week to go to a cafe. So I have 6 days until we go on our first date. I feel like texting "hey, hows it going" , how many times should I talk to her because everyday seems odd. What do you girls think? Should I text her two, three, four times (Start a conversation?). I also feel like just waiting for the date wouldn't be good either.

I am smart enough to know when a conversation is ending. I won't drag out conversations.


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  • You should text her and just start a convosation, because she might be shy and thinking the same thing as you. You should sort of get to know each other through text before the date, 'in my oppinion' so because its the first date you'll have somethings you no about each other and thing might not be as dificult to start a convo there as if you didn't no anything about each other.

    I hope this might help :)

    Good Luck...


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