How do you know a guy is just being sweet with you just to get pics? i?

I want to know the difference between genuine caring and fake caring especially when the guy is supposed to be your boyfriend


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  • You can ask him to send you some sexy pics :D... on a serious note you should go out more with the guy and judge for yourself... life is a learning experience after all however do not send anything that can come back to bite you in the ass one day ;)

    • How what about sighs and stuff

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    • It's hard for me to not be because I dated someone for 2 years... Second I told him I can't give him any pics so he told me "when we meet can we have sex" I was telling I'm not ready broke up with me right on the spot

    • Well that's not bad... he did you a favour by ending it there as he was trying to make some unreasonable demands. A relationship generally should have a give or take aspect about it, whereby having a healthy balance of compromise and companionship should be what the relationship should be about. For all we know your current boyfriend will be more understanding so all should be good :) ... just don't over think it and act a little desperate not to lose someone :D

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  • If he asks for nudes then you block him and move on. If he doesn't, then he's a genuine guy.

    • What if it's 3 months after dated like he does not ask for nude but just a sexy pic but he tells me I don't have to and he does not want to make me uncomfortable

    • I guess he's okay. Seems like a guinine guy.

  • Honestly it's probably how patient he is because if he's just trying to get the (pics) 😉 then he won't play Ring Around the Rosie with you too long. But on the flip side he could be super committed to his "mission" and play along untill the pics come around but it's unlikely that he will do that

  • It's really just an intuition thing

    • My intuition is bad tho :( do you know ways I could tell?

    • It's hard to explain, I would've given you specific tells if I could.

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