What would you want in a relationship? Psychological/physical/emotional connection?

What would you want in a relationship? All three I know but if you have to choose any two or any one what will you choose?

In my last relationship we were connected on a psychological level but he was not connected emotionally so I ended it , in my current relationship , my boyfriend lacks the psychological connection but we are emotionally connected. I feel there is lacking something on a deeper level and I am considering to leave to the relationship.

What to you think about this?


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  • I want $$$. Not so I can be an asshole wasting it on toys and shit, but so I can feel safe from disasters, health issues, and can reture without fear.

    Other than that, leave me the fuck alone.

  • Physical and emotional, I don't think I'll ever be on the sane wavelength psychologically as someone else

    • You will and when you find that person life changes completely , trust me you talk so much and all relevant stuff it's like there's someone who finally gets you it's all very liberating it's beautiful, you reminded me of my ex

    • Your answer reminds me of my ex***"

  • What is the difference between emotional and psychological?

    • Emotional us your SO feels what you feel, like there was once I cried because I was sad and my ex didn't feel what I felt that day, same way there was once when i was very sad and my current boyfriend was sad too so much that he shed a year or two

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    • No,, psychological connection is deep shit

    • You confuse me :) To answer your question I would go with a physical and emotional connection. The psychological bit, I will leave to emotional intelligence / intuition. Attraction to me is when I meet a girl that is at a similar wave length.. that means someone with close enough interests and can connect in terms of humour, intellect and support each other's ambition... list can go on :)

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