Why this guy won't leave me alone?

This guy I met is married and with a child. Its been four years since we met and he has tried multiple times to talk to me but I either avoid him or leave him talking. He looks at and and for me, he hates it when I talk to guys and one day I was with my nephew and he kept an eye on us trying to find out whose child that was. He hold me by my arm once while I was making the line to pay and he always calls me honey and he's always eavesdropping and paying attention to anything related to me. What I'm trying to understand is why is he still trying to win my attention after 4 years? I feel like he wants to cheat on he's wife with me but he knock the wrong tree because I'm not about that life. yet he still trying after I seen he's ring and the car seat what he doesn't know is that I did my own research and that's why I don't bother with him. But why not drop it and find something easy and let me be. My friend thinks he likes me but he also says he thinks he could be a cheater or is trying to cheat either way I'm not interested.


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  • Did you really do your research well? Am pretty sure you did
    Just make sure you didn't half-ass it.
    Cause you could be missing out on something good. Perhaps that's why you posted this question. Maybe subconsciously you kind of know that you might be missing out on something good.


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  • This is sexual harassment. If there are not laws against this sort of thing in US, then it is high time the US government got off its arse and did something! This would NOT be tolerated in UK, as there are laws against stalking, which this obviously is.


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  • Did you make it clear to the guy that he should back off? Letting this situation last this long is only your fault :P

  • He definitely likes you but he sounds like a creep


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