What shoes should girls wear on first date? Are heels a necessity?

Im 18 and my date is 22 if that would help.


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  • No! You absolutely do NOT need to wear heels. Wear shoes that are comfortable and don't scream "I'm trying too hard."

    • All of my close friends said that I should wear heels.. and to be honest I don't want to and im a fraid that he wouldn't like it when i'll show up without heels

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  • First things first is deciding what you plan on wearing.

    • www.stradivarius.com/.../...0089028p300758231.html similar to these what do you think?

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    • Well that surely depends on how good your feet are, will they be capable of standing a whole evening in heels, or would they feel better in perhaps sensible court shoes or even flats.

    • Thank you for the MHG.

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  • Depends where you are going and what you are doing.

    • Im moving to his city so I assume we're gonna have a cup of coffee and he'll show me around

    • If you are gonna do a lot or walking heels might not be the best choice then. Unless you can walk in them for a long time and still feel comfortable

  • Heels are not a necessity. Don't wear if you don't want.

    • Guys don't care if the girl is not wearing them?

    • Not that it matters. It would matter if you were going to present your thesis and it happened that your heel broke by getting it stuck on the stage and made a fool of the entire group :v

      But don't wear those fluffy pomps, they are so casual. Wear court shoes instead

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