A sneaky player?

I’m currently seeing a guy who seems to want to move very fast... He kissed me on a first date and he obviously wanted to have sex on the second date (rejected him tho).

The thing is I already noticed him being very touchy from the start and I used to think it was cute but I’m not so sure anymore. After our first date he started to do a lot of PDA. He tickles me a lot, holds my hand, wraps his arm around my waist, touches my face and plays with my hair... It seems like he can’t keep his hands off me.

We’ve had three dates so far (he’s always the one initiating) and during the dates he sometimes says things like “oh we should go there and there sometime”. Also he never wants to text in between dates except when making plans. At first I wanted to believe he’s just a bad texter and that he’s all about f2f contact but I don’t know...

Is he faking his interest in me in order to get into my pants? Does he only want my body?


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  • Well if he is planning dates with you then it means he is interested in you. Sounds like he's pulling the mysterious card on you. Being direct on what he wants and only talking in person cause if you text or talk on the phone you lose interest cause you won't have anything to talk about in person. So I think he's interested in you.

    • Also if you really want to do research on how he acts then go watch Coach Corey Wayne - Setting Dates and Go With The Flow.

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