This is a keeper guy? nice guy?

My boyfriend and I have been together 8 months. And he still pays for me, is polite to waitstaff and still looks into my eyes. He mostly drives an hour to see me, but I also drive to see him. But he always pays for me, and sometimes holds doors open for me. he told me not to worry about it (paying) . Whenever its raining and I drive to his house, he always drops me off by my car so I don't have to run too far from the driveway to my car. Whenever he comes to see me he comes up to the door to get me and walks me back. Its his birthday "party" at his friends house this weekend (first time meeting his friend or friends lol) but he invited me down so I am gonna go. If we get too drunk his friend has a spare room we can get to sleep in. MY boyfriend hasn't ever pressured me into nudes or sex. He hasn't even talked about it with me. I am his second girlfriend ever. It took us 2 months of dating to even kiss, he is shy and so I am I. But he's opened up a lot and can't get him to quit talking now lol. He said I was the best thing that ever happened to him. And he offered to buy me other drinks WITH HIS MONEY on his birthday if I didn't want to drink the beer. And I said aww ur so sweet. And he said I gotta spoil my girl. I told him how lucky I was to have him. Is he a good guy? A keeper?


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  • Yeah he sounds like a keeper :)


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