I've grown a wandering eye?

So i have always been very loyal to my partners but recently after a breakup something changed inside and I grew a wandering eye for other women as I would be in a relationship, but i never acted on them but id find myself imagining sexual things with other women and tbh it kinda scares me because i dont wanna hurt my significant other. I don't know if having these thoughts are normal and i don't ever plan on acting on them I just feel guilty for thinking about them...


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  • You are going to find some people attractive yes but if having those type of images and even going as far as to sexually fantasize about them then that's a different matter all together lol. Yeah sure I find other guys appealing and my gaze may be on them for a moment then I do not think on them again after lol. Yeah we all have urges that we don't act upon but it shouldn't be a struggle either if you are in the right type and with someone you love and such but the point is maybe you are not ready for commit type bit if your eyes are eagerly still wandering and then imagining being with them. In my experience when I'm with someone thoughts such as that are of them only. Just because you don't act on them doesn't mean its normal to have. Think there is a different message there and its I'm not wanting a relationship possibly. Especially if you are having these fantasies quite frequent and its with women you also know. Now does this come easy to do for you or is it like a chore you have acquired after the split, the eye gaze and fantasy bit? Could be maybe you are purposefully not investing yourself as to not get hurt cause well ya think you may get hurt again? I dunno maybe.

    • Perhaps. Maybe i am just scared if getting hurt again so i keep myself at a distance or maybe im so used to being single that my eye wanders so I am getting used to my relationship and need to learn not to look around ya know? Who knows. I just don't want to become an indecent man ig and break someones heart. I think what I am feeling is normal I just get paranoid and think its bad.

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  • your significant other is probably not for you

    • Why would that be the case? She has treated me so well so far and i really like her.

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    • Oh well thats what I feel I think I just wasn't sure if it was normal

    • its normal but it also means you are not over the moon about your partner
      if you are satisfid with what you have you dont look around

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