Ladies, bff cheated on her guy. Don't know how I feel about considering circumstances?

My bestie of 3 years cheated on her boyfriend of 3 months and dropped that news on us girls last week.. basically they finally hooked up awhile back and she told us how "disappointed" she was. I don't think I have to go into what that means girls, wink wink. Especially compared to her last partner from what she said. She was so upset because she clicked so well with him and really saw a future. But basically her sis has not let her forget it since and it's getting old tbh. She yelled at her when she told us and basically has been a complete b about the whole situation since. I want to support my friend, but from someone who was cheated on in my last relationship, I'm torn. So if u where seeing somebody that you could really really see urself with but after weeks of falling head over heels you find out about his problem, do you think you could justify it? Obviously from first hand experience, there is never an excuse to betray someones trust, but I've never been in a situation like hers. I mean especially since he kept his secret from her. Which obviously waant fair to her. I admittedly haven't dated much so I appreciate the feedback :) hugs!
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  • Ìf that was a issue for her then she should leave him.
    Otherwise she is accepting him as he is and has no right to cheat.
    If she don't feel satisfied she *can* ask him if he'd be ok with her seeking fulfillment from others.
    But she'd need *his* consent for that otherwise it would be cheating and wrong.
    In essence, the standard relationship terms don't permit sex with others.
    If she wants other terms then she has to negotiate other terms with her partner.
    Not break the terms without negotiations.

  • There is never an excuse to cheat. This whole thing is a despicable, ego driven mess. I'd have serious questions about continuing to have friends that did this. Good luck with that...


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