Is it a bad idea to not get into a relationship that might not work out?

I like her a lot but things probably won't work out for us I wish they do though.
The reason we can't be together is her country is next to mine. One day we would have to move. As it is we need to take trips to ever see each other. We have not met yet.

She is in constant pain from a fall she had in highschool and is on pain meds every day. I don't know if I can deal with that also and I'm always missing her.


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  • Hmm I d say unless it's some issues you can fix ( like finance issue , mental issue that can get improved by seeing therapist). If both of you think you aren't compatible , and there is no future , then really it's not a good idea to get into a relationship, will hurt when you exit one day


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  • I mean it never hurts to try, but trust your gut.


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  • why do you think it won't work out?
    to me its worse not to be with someone you really like and who likes you back

    • first you should meet her then, things are always different in RL
      but if you are sure you dont want it then dont drag it for too long

    • I want to but the closes we could actually meet is a few months from now.

  • You never know if you don’t take that chance!!


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