Do guys prefer fit girls or fuller/curvy girls?

I used to have the body of a Miranda Kerr and a really fit body that all guys loved. But the older I’m getting , the more I’ve noticed that I have become more fuller in curves and I’m trying to embrace it - I’m more of a Beyoncé/ J Lo type of body now plus I’m Asian with big boobs and butt too. It’s been harder to get dates with my new body weirdly.

What are guy’s opinion on those two types? Do you prefer to date a fit girl or someone who is more curvy?


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  • Hard and loaded question... I like a woman that cares about her body and tries to keep in shape, realizing it's harder as you age. JLo and Beyonce are gorgeous... I also have a thing for Asian women, but most don't have curves so I'm curious.

  • A man is concerned with the overall proportion and aesthetics of a woman, as well as a reasonable level of body fat, as opposed to fit or full though in many instances a fit woman possess these qualities in good amounts. Fat distorts these qualities and too much fat indicates reduced and weakened reproductive capabilities. The body gets fuller because of increased mass. It is not that the skeletal structure is altered. A reduction in dates may also be due to the aging process and biological relevance. As men age, their preference in women and desire for reproductive potential does not change.


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