Guys, I’m gonna hop on the trend train and ask would you date me?

Okay so I’ve been seeing this question alottt on gag and I was like wth might as well, some of my characteristics are…
- I’m 5’3, I usually wear my hair up in a bun with a head band, brown hair, I wear all name brand clothes ( Nike, adidas, Jordan’s, vans, champion, etc) , very white teeth and straight, a little bigger than average boobs, decent size ass and I get daily compliments on my looks and my curves fighure

-I’m known to be hilarious
- I’m really caring and have a big heart
- I love animals
-I enjoy watching Netflix, YouTube, and movies
- I love doing activities I’d prefer rather to be busy then doing nothing
- I love cooking and baking just about anything
-I’m always down to do something crazy so yes I have a mischievous side
-Music is my passion and I love singing
- I’m hella goofy like I will start dancing in the middle of the store if I’m favorite song is on
- I’m very persistent and when I start something I don’t like to give up
- My phone is always blowing up
-I love physical affection
- It takes a lot to make me mad and but when I am mad I tend to throw things and punch walls idc Idc I know I’m a girl but Still
Some of my not so great qualities
- i don’t like to be wrong at all so I will practically argue about damn near anything if I think I’m right
- I get annoyed easily but most of the time Im not rude about it basically if my mouth doesn’t say it my facial expression will


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  • Seems good. But, it's meaningless if I don't know what you look like.

    Physical attractiveness is--and has been proven to be--the primary characteristic men look for. That has to come first before other qualities can be weighed. Based on your description, I don't see anything I would be turned off by. But, it all depends on your facial structure and your body. That has to come first, for men. Even if they lie and say it doesn't. Everyone knows it does. And, again, it's already been proven that is the most important quality for men. That said, men are still attracted to 80% of women. So it's not as strict as it sounds.

    But your personality characteristics sound good, too. So, if your appearance is all good, then I'd prolly date you.

    • True I do agree with that but I’m a tad insecure to put a picture up because I don’t enjoy criticism but thanks 💞

    • I understand. That insecurity would be a negative, though, if it translates to real life. Working on your confidence should be a big priority, if that's the case. I get it, online, though. People can a lot more easily be cruel or harshly blunt, online.

  • ''very white teeth''

    So very weak teeth then. We've been duped into this trend, and it just feeds into the Dental industry because white teeth are that way because the enamel has been weakened! That's assuming you've used a whitener anyway.

    As for your question = No.

    ''when I am mad I tend to throw things and punch walls idc''

    That is a sign of ego dominance. I know... I used to be the same.

    • I just have really bad anger issues 😂😂 but it almost never happens only when I’m really mad which is rare and yeah I do you led whiting guard my dentist proscribed because it’s better then using teeth whiting tooth paste in which only damages your teeth

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    • I think its too easy to achieve to be called an achievment 😄

    • @xTom98 Your Dentist? the person that can only make a living if people have problems with their teeth at some point? LOL. Weaker teeth do not automatically mean problems, but many people have false teeth by the age of 60... that should tell us something.

      Fact is the body is designed to regenerate it's own teeth, there are stem cells in the roots that can regenerate 90% of dental tissue. The rest can be regenerated with stem cell tech... which will never be released.

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