I'm kinda weak and shy man. Why girls doesn't like me?

I'm 29. I never had sex or a relationship. Never worked, university student, relying on my parents money, my height is 5'7, no muscles at all (never been at gym!), no car... I'd like some role reversed with a girl who comes to talk to me (I'm fear shame to do it myself), who is kind and gentle to me... I'm a bit shy but I'm not, like, depressed, I'm kinda narcissist and don't want to put me in risk to be hurted or humiliated... Girls are lucky to be passive, chased... I want it too but I'm invisible to them: they approach only handsome tall and sporty men where I live (even if they are stupid...).

When I was a kid it sorta worked, everywhere there was some shy gurl who stared me or thought I were cute but now that I am a full-fledged man... No. I'm already balding too.
I spend much time inside my home in front of a computer or video games (but I'm not a nerd at all!) but in my uni there are a few of guys and many many girls but nobody never talked to me in years. It's so frustrating!

When someone want to help me with girls, they say be confident, build muscles, buy a car, find a job, be independent or you'll never have a woman, but why can't I have a girl like this? We accepted homosexuals, transgender people etc. so why not a shy and passive guy? Why should I change my nature?
I'm becoming bald and never kissed a girl, this is driving me mad like hel!!

I know I'm the opposite of what man supposed to do in stereotypes, but we are in 2018 and women can be everything they want so why me not? Become some macho dude is against my nature.
I'd like to be like a teenager that women think it's cute; I don't want to be strong with money and a big car. My body is small and weak and It's bizarre a model like that to me.


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  • Because you're weak and shy. Hit the gym, get a lot of muscle and then the confidence should follow. And then start asking girls out. You CAN change this.

  • Because you're not someone women at your age want to be associated with, to put it blunt you have nothing going for you, no sense of responsibilities or any success. Why would a woman want you, what can YOU provide for her? No money, no car, no job, what have you got? That's what it boils down to.

    Maybe you're not physically attractive to them either, which is likely also because you're like me & shy, confidence is sexy to women.

    There's a difference with accepting behaviour & expecting the same results from different behaviour. If you want to appeal to those specific women, you have to appeal to them, likely they like confident, muscular & successful men.

  • "Become some macho dude is against my nature. "
    No, it isn't, I used to be the same as you until I found out I have a competitive spirit and capitalized on that to be able to do things beyond my league like hitting the gym, grooming myself, studying hard and searching for a job

    "We accepted homosexuals"
    Straight people are not attracted to homosexuals so no one gives an f, we just stopped hating on them however your case is different as you're straight

    "I'd like some role reversed with a girl who comes to talk to me"
    That will never happen in real life... that's the bitter truth. Accept it so you can begin to change it through sheer will power as $$$ can change everything


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