Would you date me?

I saw this and figured why the fuck not.

Here's a few main things...

~My pet snake is my EVERYTHING.
~I curse a lot.
~I love a guy that is very intellectual.
~I'm a weirdo and most definitely not a girly girl.
~I listen to heavy metal.
~I do have a few mental disorders (I know that's probably a turn off).
~I'm very assertive.
~I'm not very attractive.
~I'd take a fucking bullet for you.
~If you needed something I would stop everything I'm doing to help you.
~My family comes first.

Any questions, just ask.
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1 y
For those who mention age, I'll be 18 on Saturday.

And, I do have a boyfriend. This post isn't to get a boyfriend, it's just to see what people think.
Would you date me?
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